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Detective Conan the Unexpected Murder Case Review, Files 831-833

First off, I think I will start reviewing Detective Conan on a weekly basis (review each file by itself). The reason is that the reviews for a complete case are very long, and I know that many people don’t like long reviews. I also like to make my reviews average in length. So this will be the final complete case review. Starting from the next case I will review each file by itself once it comes out. Also if I review files, I will be able to post my predictions about the culprits and the tricks of each case instead of already knowing everything when I write the review. Now here is the latest case review.

After a long time of absence, Hattori Heiji is back for a new case.

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Toriko Chapter 205 Review

The four Heavenly Kings are looking forward to eating the Four Beast. It’s time for the counterattack!

Toriko chapter 205, “Curiosity for a Taste!!”

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Toriko Chapter 204 Review

Komatsu takes center stage in this week’s chapter of Toriko.

Toriko Chapter 204 “New Cooking Method!!”

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One Piece Chapter 682 Review

So finally I’m done with the two most difficult exams, for now at least. This One Piece chapter introduced a new level of greatness! Just amazing, simply this chapter was amazing.

One Piece chapter 682 “Mastermind”

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Crunchyroll 2 Days Guest Pass

I have 2 Crunchyroll 48 hours guest passes, and I thought why not I post them here. This is a first come first serve thing, so get them while they are available!


Edit: Both passes have been taken. Once I receive more passes I’ll post them here!

Toriko Chapter 203 Review

The chefs take the spotlight in another great chapter of Toriko.

Toriko chapter 203 “Antidote Cooking!!”

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Naruto Chapter 601 Review

This is the first chapter of Naruto that I liked in a very long time. I can’t remember when was the last time I liked a chapter of Naruto, but all I can say is Madara is saving this series.

Here is my first Naruto review, chapter 601 “Obito and Madara”

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One Piece Chapter 681 Review

First of all, we are now entering exams time at my university so I’m so busy with studying and all that kind of stuff. I will be even more busy next week when the exams actually begin, so I might post the reviews a little later than I usually post them. I know this week’s chapters came out early, but as I said I was busy getting ready for my exams. Anyway, I have to say this was a great manga week. Most of the chapters were very good. Expect my very first Naruto chapter review sometime tomorrow. It was a great chapter so it’s worth reviewing.

Now let’s get into One Piece chapter 681 review “Luffy vs. Master”

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Toriko Chapter 202 Review

The “Four Beast” is beating the crap out of the four Heavenly Kings!

Chapter 202 “Green Rain!!”

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One Piece Chapter 680 Review

As an intro I have only one thing to say, Bad-ass Sanji is back!!

Chapter 680 “Marine Base Captain of G-5 ‘Kichiku Vergo'”

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