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One Piece Chapter 685 Review

Again more things are revealed about Vegapunk’s experiments. Can we just see him already?

One Piece chapter 685 “Momonosuke, That is my Name!!”

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Toriko Chapter 208 Review

This week is going to an exception. Yes the Toriko chapter review will be the first review to come out because it was the most shocking chapter of the week! The tone of the Toriko series took a huge change in this chapter!

Toriko chapter 208 “The Four Beast, the Actual Food!!”

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Toriko Chapter 207 Review

Sorry for the delay, but it was a very busy and a great weekend for me. I went to an event and I didn’t have the time to sit on my laptop to do anything. After I’m done for the day I just fall asleep because I’ve been up from early in the morning and I don’t return home until late at night, still this weekend was a blast. Enough of that, here is the review.

To quote KingOFLighting “It’s Pac-man on steroids”.

Toriko chapter 207 “Dinner of Kings!!”

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Detective Conan File 834 Review

A new case about a vampire has begun, and Heiji is sticking around for another case.

Detective Conan file 834 “The Vampire’s Mansion”

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One Piece Chapter 684 Review

The name of this chapter is so misleading in my opinion, Smoker is holding his ground against Vergo, and Shenron makes an appearance in One Piece?

One Piece chapter 684 “Stop it, Vegapunk!”

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One Piece Season Four Voyage Three Trailer

The trailer has been released for the next set of One Piece season four. I’m Loving that the trailer focused on Usopp and Luffy as it should. However, Franky is not in the trailer. I guess they want to save him for the people who buy the set. Anyway, I already pre-ordered my copy, and I can’t wait to watch it. The set comes out on December 18th 2012, and will include episodes 230-241. I’ve said it in the voyage two review and I’ll say it again, One Piece season four voyage three is a must buy!

One Piece Season Four Voyage Two DVD Review

I have to say I’m really in love with RightStuf. I received my set almost a month before the official release date. I have to give the RightStuf team a lot of credit for shipping these this fast. So this set is almost complete filler. Five of the episodes are canon and the other seven are filler. Here are my thoughts about this set.

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Toriko Chapter 206 Review

The four Heavenly Kings’ Appetite is at a high level!

Toriko Chapter 206 “Appetite!!”

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One Piece Chapter 683 Review

Before I begin here is a quote from someone, “After a one week break, the king is back!”.

One Piece is back this week with another amazing chapter.

One Piece chapter 683 “The Ice-Like Lady”

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