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Crunchyroll 2 Days Guest Passes

Here we go again, three Crunchyroll 48 hours guest passes. Get a taste of One Piece in HD, Hunter x Hunter, and many other anime series legally. Also, you can get access to the newly launched CR manga with titles like Attack on Titan, Space Brothers and Fairy Tail, among others.

Some titles are not available in some regions outside North America.

Edit: All passes have been taken.


Crunchyroll 2 Days Guest Passes

It’s that time again. Grab a Crunchyroll 48 hours (2 days) guest pass while they’re available.

Edit: All three passes have been taken.

Crunchyroll 2 Days Guest Passes

Here we go once again. Crunchyroll 48 hours (2 days) guest passes. Get them while they are still available!

Edit: All three passes have been taken. More guest passes to come in a few months!

Crunchyroll 2 Days Guest Pass

More Crunchyroll 2 days guest passes. Get them while they’re still available! 


Edit: All three passes have been taken. More Crunchyroll guest passes will come in a few months.


It has been a long time since I’ve posted something on here. All I can say is that college got in the way. Seeing how I’m getting into the serious stuff in college, I’ve decided that I won’t be doing weekly chapter/episode reviews. Even though I’ve been doing reviews for a very short period, I really liked doing them. It has to come to an end for now.

However, I have started a YouTube channel to do anime/manga discussions. Doing a video review is easier and more fun in my opinion. I won’t close this blog, as I will be posting my videos on here. Again, I won’t do weekly chapter/episode reviews. I will do chapter/episode reviews if I felt the need to talk about it. I really want to continue doing weekly chapter/episode reviews in the near future, but for now I’ll just stick with discussion videos.

Here is my YouTube channel that I’ve just started. I already posted a Detective Conan discussion and a Toriko chapter 217 review.

Crunchyroll 2 Days Guest Pass

I have 2 Crunchyroll 48 hours guest passes, and I thought why not I post them here. This is a first come first serve thing, so get them while they are available!


Edit: Both passes have been taken. Once I receive more passes I’ll post them here!


Just a heads up for anyone who reads my blog. I am now currently at the the end of my summer course, so there are a lot of university work I have to do. I will not be able to add new posts during the next 3 or 4 days.

Once I finish my summer course, I plan on doing a One Piece arc review. I still haven’t decided which arc to do, but look forward to it in a few days.

Also a reminder Weekly Shonen Jump and other manga magazines return next week, so there will be new chapters that I will go through. The ones I’m planning to do a weekly review of are One Piece, Toriko, Fairy Tail and possibly Naruto (if the chapter is worth reviewing). I will review Detective Conan, but not weekly. I will review a whole case. Usually a case is 3 chapters long, so I will review it every 3 weeks or so. I want to review Hunter x Hunter once it comes back from its hiatus.
These are just some information about what you should expect in this blog. Thanks to everyone who reads and enjoys my reviews!

Welcome to the Gray Terminal

Hey all. I’m kind of new at blogging, but I saw many people do it so I thought why not I do it too. Basically in this blog I will post reviews, news and discussions about anime and manga in general. I will focus mostly on the anime and manga that I love and follow every week. I can say right now that it will be mostly about One piece hence the name of the blog. I’m still not sure how the schedule is going to be like, but I’ll try my best not to abandon this blog. I’ve written many reviews on other sites, but I want to have a place of my own where I post my opinions.

I hope you will like my blog and find my reviews enjoyable!


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