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Detective Conan File 834 Review

A new case about a vampire has begun, and Heiji is sticking around for another case.

Detective Conan file 834 “The Vampire’s Mansion”

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Detective Conan the Unexpected Murder Case Review, Files 831-833

First off, I think I will start reviewing Detective Conan on a weekly basis (review each file by itself). The reason is that the reviews for a complete case are very long, and I know that many people don’t like long reviews. I also like to make my reviews average in length. So this will be the final complete case review. Starting from the next case I will review each file by itself once it comes out. Also if I review files, I will be able to post my predictions about the culprits and the tricks of each case instead of already knowing everything when I write the review. Now here is the latest case review.

After a long time of absence, Hattori Heiji is back for a new case.

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