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Detective Conan Mystery Train arc Air Date Announced! (Major Schedule Change!)

Finally the moment we’ve been waiting for, the official air date for the first episode of the Mystery Train arc has been announced. Episode 701 will kick things off on July 13th. Episodes 702 and 703 will air on July 20th and July 27th respectively.

The announced episode titles are as followed:

Episode 701: The Raven Express (All Aboard)

Episode 702: The Raven Express (Tunnel)

Episode 703: The Raven Express (Junction)

To all Detective Conan fans, Get Hyped!


So apparently this arc is going to be five episodes instead of four. I wonder how are they going to pull it off as the arc is seven chapters long. Probably one of the episodes will have a bad pacing while comparing it with the other four. I’m still very hyped for this arc.

Episode 704: The Raven Express (Releasing Smoke) airs on August 3rd

Episode 705: The Raven Express (Final Destination) airs on August 10th

Update 2:

The schedule has been changed. The arc is now four episodes long and not five. Now the episodes are:

Episode 701: The Raven Express (All Aboard) airs on July 13th

Episode 702: The Raven Express (Tunnel) airs on July 20th

Episode 703: The Raven Express (Junction) airs on July 27th

Episode 704: The Raven Express (Final Destination) airs on August 3rd

Apparently TMS realized that making five episodes for seven chapters will be difficult, but I guess we will never know the real reason why they changed it to four episodes. I’m actually relieved that it’s four episodes now. The pacing will be much better. Episode 705 will still air on August 10th and it will be the start of a new manga-based case.

All credit goes to Conan 48:69 from DCTP forums for bringing us the anime schedule for each month.


Eiichiro Oda Hospitalized

Detective Conan Opening 36

As we are a little over a month away from the Mystery Train arc in the anime, it was the right time to change the opening, and make us anticipate this great arc. I’ve read the arc about a year ago in the manga, and I am so hyped to finally see it animated.

Of course I love the song since it’s done by B’z, and it is part of their 25th anniversary album that will be released in June. Hopefully they will correct the spelling of “Bourbon” as we get even closer to the arc.

Now we are just waiting to say, “All Aboard!”

One Piece Season Four Voyage Three Trailer

The trailer has been released for the next set of One Piece season four. I’m Loving that the trailer focused on Usopp and Luffy as it should. However, Franky is not in the trailer. I guess they want to save him for the people who buy the set. Anyway, I already pre-ordered my copy, and I can’t wait to watch it. The set comes out on December 18th 2012, and will include episodes 230-241. I’ve said it in the voyage two review and I’ll say it again, One Piece season four voyage three is a must buy!

Top 10 Manga Sales for the First Half of 2012

Here is a picture the top 10 manga bestseller for the first half of 2012. With no surprise One Piece is dominating with almost 14 million copies sold. I really hope it can beat its record from 2011 of 37 million. I’m really surprised that Hunter x Hunter is 3rd place. I’m really happy that it still sells very well. So this year Bleach is finally off the list. I don’t really care about Bleach since I hate the series so much. I dropped it at episode 44 or something close to it. Cheers for One Piece, and let’s see more records get broken by it!

2013 Dragon Ball Z Movie’s Teaser Trailer Released!

Here is the new teaser trailer for the 2013 Dragon Ball Z movie. It was announced that Akira Toriyama the author of the Dragon Ball franchise is deeply involved in the making of the movie. The movie will take place in the 10 years period after Goku defeated Buu and before the final World Martial Arts Tournament in the whole franchise. The 10 years time-skip are referred to as “The Lost Decade”.  The movie will be part of the official history of Dragon Ball and not just a spinoff.

The movie will open in Japanese theaters on March 30th 2013. I’m a fan of the Dragon Ball franchise, so I’m definitely looking forward to it!

Fairy Tail the Movie Promo

Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess movie will open in Japanese theaters on August 18th. This movie has a lot of potential to be a good one since Hiro Mashima the author of Fairy Tail is involved in the production.

I just have one question, why the hell isn’t the anime series is perfectly animated like the movie?

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