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Toriko Chapter 250 Review

Finally, after 250 chapters, it looks like we will get the most important flashback and longest as of yet. So flashbacks in Toriko are usually less than one chapter long, but this looks like it could last a couple more chapters, and I’m loving the introduction to it.

So due to the harsh environment and the strong creatures in the Gourmet World, whenever a battle happens, a vortex forms in the surrounding atmosphere. Looking at the high powers of Ichiryu and Midora, the vortex they created was enormous. Of course, looking at the situation at hand, Ichiryu would remove “Minority World”. However, that did not stop Midora from taking more chunks out of Ichiryu’s body. We got some explanation about “Hungry Tongue” which I thought was needed.

We head into the flashback, as we see a young Midora starving during the Gourmet War. The fact that people used kids as food for livestock was just sick. Midora was a natural born predator, so people tried to eliminate him while he was young. As we see more of Midora’s hardship life, his body could not endure anymore, and he was found by the “God Chef”, Froese.

As I said in the beginning, I loved the introduction of this flashback. This is shaping up to be a very important flashback. It is about Midora’s life when he was young. It took place during the Gourmet War and of course the involvement of Froese and possibly Acacia later. Furthermore, I’m interested in seeing Ichiryu and Jiro in this flashback, if Shimabukuro decides to show us a little of their training with Acacia.

Toriko Chapter 249 Review

I will say it again, wow. This fight continues to amaze me. So in this chapter we got the explanation of the “Minority World” technique. Basically it is a technique that will make anything surrounding Ichiryu go in an opposite state than their natural state. Multiple examples were shown in this chapter. The natural state of the ground is solid, so in the “Minority World”, the minority or abnormal atoms are the ones that have the upper hand so the ground will now be in its opposite state which is soft. Living beings’ organs can also be affected as Midora’s lungs stopped taking Oxygen and his heart muscles stopped pumping among other organs began doing the opposite of what they were supposed to do. Thus leading the human being (Midora) towards “death” and that is the opposite of the natural state which is “living”.

I am not going to lie,  I underestimated Midora after reading last week’s chapter and seeing “Minority World” in full effect. However, Midora dealt a fatal blow to himself, thus the natural state has become “death” instead of “living”, and since “Minority World” is still in effect, Midora’s body will function in the opposite way, which is now “living”. Midora then unleashes “Hungry Space” which results in taking huge chunks of Ichiryu’s right arm and torso. Ichiryu is now in a dire situation.

An amazing chapter this week. Again, I cannot believe that I underestimated Midora that much, I mean he is supposedly the main antagonist of the series, so of course I should have seen this counterattack coming. Now I can say, that Midora might have actually won this fight.

Toriko Chapter 248 Review

So as I mentioned in an announcement video, I will not be able to upload videos during the month of September. So as a temporary alternative, I’ll write my thoughts on upcoming One Piece and Toriko chapters here on my blog, so here we go.
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